McAfee ePO Deep Command provides secure and remote security management access to PCs that may be powered off or disabled. ePO Deep Command utilizes Intel® vPro™ Active Management Technology (AMT) to deliver beyond the operating system management, reducing security operations costs while enhancing your security posture. Using Intel vPro AMT, ePO Deep Command enables secure remote access regardless of the PC’s power state so security administrators can remotely remediate compromised systems, enable energy-saving initiatives, wake systems, and apply proactive security.

By communicating with endpoints at a level beyond the operating system, ePO Deep Command allows security administrators to configure and remediate hard-to-manage endpoints from a central site, using an established and familiar management platform — McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator.

Deploy security ahead of an attack — Switch on the powered-off PCs to keep them up-to-date by installing the latest security updates, patches, service packs, and other important security tasks. You can even schedule a time to switch on your AMT systems using the AMT Alarm Clock feature.

Fast call for help — Whether the PC is local or remote, the administrator can connect to the disabled PC via AMT to conduct a remote boot from another .ISO image on the network.

Quickly remediate endpoints — Access PCs when disabled by connecting at the hardware level for secure remediation.

Reduce power while maintaining control — Decrease power consumption by encouraging and enforcing power-off policies, knowing that those systems are available for remote security control.

Deploy security ahead of the threatEdit

Protect endpoints ahead of emerging threats. You can update systems before a potential threat breach and remotely activate countermeasures without impacting productivity.

Remotely remediate disabled endpointsEdit

Connect to the disabled PC via Intel® vPro™ Active Management Technology (AMT), whether the PC is local or remote, to conduct a remote boot from another boot image on the network.

Wake and execute securityEdit

Conduct security maintenance or time-intensive tasks during off hours without impacting productivity. Using the AMT Alarm Clock, security administrators can power on and wake up a PC to execute a defined series of security tasks.

Maintain security visibility while lowering costsEdit

Wake PCs, update policies, and return them to lower power states to save energy and pursue industry incentives to cut power consumption without compromising security.

Unlock the Power of Intel vProEdit

Use the McAfee ePO Deep Command Discovery and Reporting module to discover Intel vPro AMT-capable PCs in your environment. Detailed reports ensure you know exactly what PCs you can deploy the ePO Deep Command agent.