Comprehensive Protection for Your Mobile DeviceEdit

Your mobile device isn't just a computer. It's an extension of you. You use it for all of life's details—calls, messages, contacts, photos, videos—and many of life's pleasures—games, social networking, shopping, staying in touch with work and family. If your device gets lost, stolen, or infected with a virus, your personal data could be abused.You and your friends could be targeted for fraud and identity theft. Confidential work information might be stolen. And now that cybercriminals rely extensively on websites for their scams, antivirus isn't enough. It's best to know before you click where it is safe to surf. McAfee® Mobile Security brings together comprehensive protection for your mobile device and data inside a single, simple solution. With one download, one web portal, and one device interface, you get a single security system for your mobile lifestyle.

Everything You Need to Protect your Mobile Lifestyle===Protect your device against viruses and more=== McAfee Active Protection™ technology provides real-time protection and scans for malicious code from files, SD cards, applications, and Internet downloads.===Protects mobile devices and personal data=== Remotely locks, backs up, locates, wipes your device data, and even restores your personal content to another device.===Enables safe surfing of the mobile web=== Blocks potential phishing sites, browser exploits, malicious links within text messages, email, social networking sites, and QR codes.===Blocks unwanted calls and texts*=== Easily filter out spammers, incorrect numbers, and unwanted acquaintances. *Feature available for Smartphone only===App Alert for Android protects against potentially bad apps=== Scans and checks your apps for different types and levels of access and provides a report so you can review and learn how your apps are accessing your data.